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Local Blogs We Love


The Fashion Poet

Miss Annie Vasquez, aka Miss Miami, you know you have done something right when shes talking about you.  Keep up the relentless blogging. Miami Fashion Blogger who has been featured on Elle Magazine, The New York Times, Life.com and Refinery 29. Vazquez, a regular at New York Fashion Week, has also contributed her fashion reports to The Miami Herald, AOL, Stylist, Ocean Drive, The New Times ,NBC, WSVN and Miami.com. The Miami native is an expert when it comes to shopping on a budget, unearthing new designers and labels in her hometown as well as spotting style trends around the world.

Black Hunt

My sister from another mister, Lily Lopez and Steph, take fashion blogging to another level.  These girls don’t just thrive off fashion, they have an eye for everything cool. Lily, a seasoned writer / editor / publicist, stylist, chef, explorer, first-mate, amateur psychologist (to my friends and family) and fashion junkie who documents occurrences in fashion, food, travel and entertainment from wherever life takes her. Steph, marketing and pr maven, finds life’s thrills are best met when leaving things up to chance. Her m.o. is not to calculate or plan things. a jetsetter by nature, shes been lucky enough to travel and live in some pretty crazy places. 

 We Can Pretend

The first bloggers I ever worked with and have stuck by me from the beginning, Cristy and Duda.  These girls started the stud trend in Miami and collab with Nike.  My hope is to one day be as creative and innovative as you girls have become.  I could not be more proud to say we are friends. 2 Girls with a twist on Miami Style.  Not to mention they have the cutest jean shorts in town!

Electric Blogarella 

 Ginger Harris, talk about a girl crush, always looks effortlessly chic.  Every girl in the room wants to be her friend. Contributing her perspectives on life, art, fashion, beauty and health to the blogosphere. It’s a domain she knows well, as she’s spent more than a decade working as a fashion and beauty, entertainment and pop culture writer and editor for venues like JuliB.com, Z-Life Magazine, Miami Magazine, Six Degrees and Zink. She is currently  the Daily Candy Miami editor, contributor for NBCMiami.com,  the assistant editor and social media marketer for KnightArts.com (a Knight Foundation blog), a member of Miami Art Museum’s Contemporaries Steering Committee and a devout yogi.


 The Goodwill Project

Simonett and Eugy always keep things moving.  A business mind to match their fashionable wardrobes. Their goal is to inspire and move people through their blog to think outside the box and to have the opportunity to indulge in the pleasure of head-turning style without spending a fortune. This approach makes the luxury of fashion available to anyone no matter what the economic situation we are living in currently is!


Capture Fashion

Amanda, my South Beach girl, makes sure that fashion is portrayed effortlessly through a camera’s perspective.  She gets it right every time.

The Very Thought of You

Simple and sweet make Vanessa’s blog one of the hottest out there.  Her eye for simplicity separates her from the rest.  She loves Frank Sinatra, Vogue September issues, and pistachio gelato. She lives in sunny Miami and love exploring the city with her chihuahua, Tato.  Enjoy her fashion chronicles, along with food adventures and travel stories like we do!


 The Blah Blah Blonde

My first adjective to describe Erika was sweetheart.  We finally meet in person Social Media Week in Miami and hit it off.  She not only has an eye for wearable fashion, but she always has something to say. Freelance writer. Fashion lover. Life enthusiast. To quote her favorite book, Bergdorf Blondes, “a champagne bubble of a girl.” Trying to make it in the hustle of South Florida, currently trying her hand at learning espanol. She works for a marketing company specializing in Internet optimization, and has a HUGE passion for fashion and events. She loves to cook, which you will see through her site because she is CONSTANTLY trying new things and posting all about it. The blog is a way for her to connect with others–old friends and new, and to share a little piece of herself everyday with my wonderful readers.


 Adding Doses of Hope Daily

Donata, helping women by sharing her inspiring story.  Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation’s mission is to empower individuals and families that struggle with the daily challenges of mental disorders. Increasing the mental and emotional wellness of human beings in all walks of life. Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation looks to establish, develop, promote and conduct community-wide educational, behavioral and social programs.


The Lovely Chica

Stay Lovely with Rebecca! Featuring the latest in style and beauty, exclusive interviews with runway-worthy designers, behind-the-scenes coverage on local Miami fashion shows, and fabulous giveaways.

 Palm Tree Panache

Tamara and I share the love for the ocean.  This beach obsessed mermaid blogs about all things relating to the Sunshine State. 

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